Roofing Repairs

Roofing Repairs

Roofing Repairs

Roofing Repairs are becoming more common from bad weather. Roofs can easily be damaged by fallen trees, high-speed winds, snow and rain causing leaks that are hard to manage. Some damage that is made to your roof may lead to an entire roof being changed. In other cases, damage to your roof could mean changing a single tile. Some roofs may not have been changed for over 20 years and any damage caused to the roof may lead to an entire roof being replaced. Many roofing companies will always try to sell you a new roof when really the problem is just a few tiles.

Concrete or Architectural Tiles

Concrete tiles are very common for roofing materials used on houses. With Concrete tiles being hard to match your biggest challenge is finding a replacement tile that is going to match the other tiles on the roof without causing an obvious contrasting patch.  Most roofing companies will remove all the tiles that have been torn or damaged also including any tiles that show signs of tearing from the plywood underlying. A good roofing repair company will inspect the plywood looking for decay or other damage made, they should then replace any sub roofing with a sign of it being degraded.

Ceramic Tile

Roofing Cement is used for smaller holes or cracks in the tiles any ceramic tiles that are found broken or completely cracked should be replaced immediately. A roofing Company will carefully remove any broken tiles. Then a layer of roofing cement will need to be added before moving on to installing the replacement tile.

Slate Roofs

Slate roofs will last for generations when being installed correctly however slate tiles can be broken when in extreme conditions. One of the key things to consider when installing slate roofs is the exposure to the wind and rain.